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We are Designers.

We Are Builders.

We Are Remodelers.

What We Think

Our Output

We are in the business of designing, building, remodeling, renovating and maintaining family homes and businesses. We achieve results by transforming our customers’ ideas into visions of possibilities that are realized by collaboratively and creatively managing space, costs and process. Our goal is to provide customers the greatest probability of pleasure and value.

Our Input

It is all about inspiration, motivation, integrity and quality. Our responsibility is to transform customer ideas and space into a product that is reliable and satisfying. We use insight, community and architectural history, and integrity as our guides, and a highly disciplined team process management system to insure results and satisfaction.

Our Structure

The customer is at the center of everything we do. We built our entire organization around the customer. We developed a team product management system that depends on every employee being accountable for your project. Though your project is assigned a project manager, we meet weekly as a team to review every project and address every process element. Every stage of our process from design to product delivery is engineered to manage cost, quality,time parameters and a construction process that is as unobtrusive as possible. And that is what we deliver.



Our Customers & Our History

You are our business, you and your dreams. Building dreams is much more than building or remodeling a house. To build dreams you have to listen and care. We do both because the home we build will be a reflection of who you are and what you value. If we don’t understand this point we can’t get it right. We care about your budget because it’s your money, not ours. Everything we discuss and every step we take with you are taken with your cost and quality in mind. We make no exceptions. Who We Are We are a highly visionary, collaborative and process focused design builder, but devoid of preconceived notions.

Who We Are.

We are a highly visionary, collaborative, and highly focused design builder, but devoid of preconceived notions. Our Focus is our Customers. Our achievements grow out of disciplined process management. A full design builder firm, we are structured as a team disciplined at managing process, communicating and delivering a product of lasting aesthetic and financial value.

Our Services


A new look and feel will reside within an older space – your home. We take care to understand your vision for a new space and look and the time to understand your lifestyle and home. Our objective is to realize your vision while maintaining the integrity of your home and lifestyle as well as providing a seamless transition from new to old.

Historic Renovation

The smallest details can have the greatest impact. These details are also the truest reflection of the home’s architectural and historical relevance. With all renovations, attention to the integrity of the home is vital, and is captured in the detail. At the same time, delivering an infrastructure that provides a worry free environment affords a family a home with historic relevance and grace with all the modern amenities and securities.

Design & Construction

At times it is difficult to touch a texture and see the finished detail of your dream. It takes listening and creative vision coupled with the ability to realize that vision to complete a home or office that is truly a reflection of your dreams and who you are. This is what we do. We make dreams come true.

Cabinetry Design

When commercial and custom cabinetmakers could not deliver what our customers’ desired or our projects required our craftsmen did. We now create for our customers’ cabinets, hutches, and custom built-ins of enduring quality from both simple and exotic woods. We love what we do. Our customers love what we deliver.

Home Maintenance

Lynch Services Division was founded on the belief that the value of the homes we create is best sustained through a carefully managed maintenance program. A home’s value is dependent on regular maintenance and upkeep. Families lead busy lives. Ourgoal is to help you simplify your life while insuring you retain the value of your home and investment, and do so in a cost effective manner. Our tradesmen are the best in the business. And they treat your home as if it were their own.

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